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Monthly Archives: April 2022

Car Safety Tips for Parents with Babies and Toddlers

Car Safety Tips for Parents with Babies and Toddlers

You have complete responsibility for your child's safety while they are traveling in your car. Here are some essential things to remember. Children are so fast and don't stay still for long, so always check to see where your child is before putting your vehicle in gear. Always use your car's automatic door and window locks to keep your child safe inside. The locks ensure they won't get their hands caught or open their doors themselves to get out. In older cars, use manual locks and position the car seat away from windows and doors. Always use your child's approved, age and size appropriate car seat and secure it correctly. Have your child seated in the back of the car while under 13, especially if you have airbags. While helping keep your child safe, it will offer less distraction for you. Make your vehicle a no-smoking zone. It would be best to never leave children alone inside the car, not even for a minute, even if you need to pop into a shop for five seco ... read more