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Welcome to Integrity Auto Services Maintenance Program!

Much time and thought have gone into this program for one simple reason. Proper maintenance of your vehicle is key to making it last and avoiding expensive repairs down the road.

This section of our website is designed to be a resource you can refer to with questions about a specific service or maintaining your vehicle. Your vehicles is a big investment, which is why we feel it’s important for you to know how to make yours last and know why we recommend the services we do. Each and every service and product here have been selected (and several not selected) for a reason.

These reasons are the result of decades of hands-on experience in the industry, seeing what fails on vehicles and why. As you might gather from reading, each and every service listed here has real-world stories to go with them about what happens when they are not performed. So with a smile and a hearty electronic handshake, I welcome you to read on!

Oil Service and Vehicle Inspection

Integrity Auto Services takes a very different approach to routine services like oil changes than you may see at traditional shops or quick lube operations by using full synthetic oils and premium quality filters.

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Oil Flush and Additives

Sludge build-up inside your engine creates real problems by plugging up micro oil passages in your engine and prevent hydraulic lifters and camshaft actuators from getting proper lubrication.

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Induction Cleaning Service

Deposits accumulate on intake valves, injectors, ports, fuel injectors and combustion chambers causing loss of power, rough idle, hesitation, misfire, pinging, knocking, poor gas mileage and hard starting.

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Power Steering Flush

The power steering pump generates extremely high temperatures and pressures that can cause failure without notice. Our power steering service is designed to make sure that doesn’t happen.

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Synthetic Transmission Flush

Over the years we've seen a lot of transmission failures. Rebuilding one transmission after another to the tune of $2000 to $5000 dollars can give a guy a new found respect for transmission services!

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Drivetrain Service

You count on your drivetrain to transfer power from your engine to your tires. We follow your manufacturer's recommendations for servicing the differential and joints of this critical system.

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Brake System Flush

There are few good reasons to keep your brake fluid fresh - safety being at the top of the list. Did you know that brake fluid can wear out? Here I’ll list the reasons why you should periodically flush your brake fluid.

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Cooling System Service

Most everyone knows that your vehicle's Anti-freeze/Coolant needs to be flushed periodically, but do you know why? There are several reasons and like other fluids, it pays to be proactive when it comes to cooling system service.

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Diesel Fuel Injection Service

Both diesel engines and the fuel we run in them have changed a lot in recent years. EPA mandated “Ultra-Low Sulfur” Diesel used with the “Ultra-High” fuel pressures of modern diesel engines, makes fuel injection cleaning a must.

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Diesel Fuel Additives

At Integrity Auto Services we recommend BG Diesel Fuel additive which works in conjunction with our Diesel Fuel injection Cleaning service to give your injection system the maximum life possible. This fuel additive serve several purposes:

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Fuel Filter Service

All engines need clean fuel to prevent injectors from getting plugged up with debris. It is important to replace fuel filters regularly so they work efficiently. A clogged filter can break down and allow contaminants into the injection system.

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This is a term that’s changed a lot over the years. In the 1970’s a tune-up meant replacing ignition components and making necessary adjustments. The idea was that after a tune-up, if the engine was mechanically sound, it would run better.

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Complete Engine Service

Restore lost performance and fuel economy by tuning up the ignition system, removing years of carbon and sludge deposits from the combustion chambers, valves, piston rings, crankcase, intake, throttle body and O2 sensors.

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DPF & Emissions System Restoration

Have you noticed a loss of power and poor fuel economy in your diesel vehicle? Or has your diesel had more frequent and lengthy regeneration cycles? This could be due to a soot overloaded diesel particulate filter.

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Diesel EGR System Service

The BG Diesel EGR System Service is a two-part cleaning process, using the BG 64 Diesel VIA® supply tool to install BG Diesel EGR System Cleaner and BG Diesel EGR System Rinse. For best results, add BG 245 Premium Diesel Fuel System Cleaner to the fuel tank.

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