Central Oregon Diesel Service

We work on the Powerstroke, Cummins, and Duramax platforms daily and know what it takes to keep them on the road for hundreds of thousands of miles.

The Diesel Experts of Central Oregon

We work on the Powerstroke, Cummins, and Duramax platforms daily and know what it takes to keep them on the road for hundreds of thousands of miles to come. Modern diesel maintenance and repair is a big part of us at Integrity Auto Services. As with all our ventures, we feel if you’re going to do something then it’s worth doing right.

Whether your truck is part of a fleet of daily workhorses or the family camp trailer hauler, you can rest assured, it is in good hands at Integrity Auto Services. We can get you back on the road with the needed repairs and a maintenance plan to keep you there. Our knowledgeable techs and service advisors work together to save you costly downtime by performing accurate testing services and making recommendations you can count on so your truck will repaired right the first time.

Diesel Repair

Breakdowns are never convenient or planned. We feel your pain and rest assured, we will do everything we can to get your truck back on the road with a quality repair you can count on. Our techs know the testing procedures to find the root cause of your problem and have the experience to perform the repairs once that cause is determined. Whether it’s a check engine light or a complete engine replacement, we have you covered. When finished, our service advisors can set you up on a maintenance program that will prevent the issue from recurring down the road.

Diesel Maintenance Services

As you well know, modern diesel trucks are not cheap! Neither are major repairs. As a result, we have gone to great lengths to research and offer the best maintenance options available to help keep you from costly breakdowns and the downtime that comes with them. Check out these services and learn why using our cutting edge maintenance program will save you from the most common pitfalls of diesel breakdowns.

Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaning - Integrity Auto Services

Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaning

  • Restores lost power and fuel economy
  • Help prevent injector failure
  • Can free up sticking or clogged fuel injectors
  • Cleans entire fuel system
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Exhaust System (DPF) Cleaning - Integrity Auto Services

Exhaust System (DPF) Cleaning

  • Cleans Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) in the vehicle's exhaust system
  • Restores lost power
  • Restores lost fuel mileage
  • Prevents premature failure of the DPF which is a costly repair ($3000-5000)
Diesel Induction Service - Integrity Auto Services

Diesel Induction Service

  • Diesel Induction Service
  • Keeps EGR Valves clean and operating correctly
  • Cleans Turbos and prevents failures
  • Cleans Piston Rings to prevent future buildup of sludge in the induction system
  • Cleans Engine Crankcase
  • Prevents premature oil breakdown between oil changes
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Diesel Fuel Filters Replacement - Integrity Auto Services

Diesel Fuel Filters

  • An essential maintenance item
  • Prevents contamination of the fuel system
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