La Pine Diesel Fuel Injection Service

Have you heard how much your diesel fuel injection system costs to repair?

Diesel Fuel Injection Service and Fuel Additives That Will Keep You Running

Both diesel engines and the fuel we run in them have changed a lot in recent years. With the advent of EPA mandated “Ultra-Low Sulfur” Diesel, in combination with the “Ultra-High” fuel pressures of modern diesel engines, fuel injection cleaning is now a must. It’s common knowledge these days that diesel injection failures cost thousands to repair. Most of the time these failures are 100% preventable with routine Fuel Injection Services and the use of quality diesel fuel additives.

The problem with Ultra-Low sulfur diesel is two-fold. First, sulfur used to be a major lubricating component of diesel fuel to reduce friction in pumps and injectors. With the sulfur removed, injector wear increases. Compound this by the fact that modern diesel engines run dramatically more pressure in their injection systems. With more pressure and less lubrication it’s no wonder why we are seeing catastrophic injector failures on our modern diesel engines.

The second issue is a phenomenon called “Black Fuel”. Black fuel is a chemical reaction that occurs when Ultra-Low Sulfur diesel is heated and pressurized at extreme levels. When this happens, certain elements of the fuel is converted into carbon. These small carbon deposits then attach themselves to the inside of fuel injectors. This causes injectors to plug up with this “gunk”. There spray pattern becomes disrupted and in sometimes injectors will even stick open and leak fuel.

When one of these modern diesel engines with Ultra high fuel pressure is towing a load up a hill you have both high heat and high pressure - the perfect recipe for "black fuel"! In these circumstances the refinement process that took place to convert crude oil to diesel fuel is being reversed. This "black fuel" then forms deposits that plug up injectors.

Have you ever noticed your diesel engine has a little more rattle to it than when it was new? Most of the time injector issues are to blame. Our diesel fuel injection service cleans out the deposits left by this “black fuel”. Our fuel additives help prevent this from happening in the first place while also adding much needed lubrication back into the fuel. If you rely on your diesel, do yourself a favor and maintain it with a fuel system maintenance plan.