La Pine Tune-Up Services

The "Tune-Up"

If you're stuck in the 1970's, we can help...

What that means on today's vehicles

Tune-up is a term that’s changed a lot over the years. In the 1970s, a tune-up meant replacing ignition components and making necessary adjustments. The idea was that after a tune-up, if the engine was mechanically sound, it would run better.

These days, a “tune-up” by traditional standards is almost obsolete. On newer vehicles, all adjustments are made by the vehicles on-board computer. To “tune-up” a newer vehicle using old methods basically would mean only changing out the spark plugs. This is needed but may not make the engine run any better or longer.

These aren’t the 1970’s so why use dated methods to service modern engines?

Instead, modern engines have a new set of challenges that come in the form of engine deposits. Sludge and carbon build-up can wreak havoc on their performance and overall longevity.

Sure, spark plugs still need to be replaced on occasion, but instead of the traditional “tune-up”, Integrity Auto Services feels you would be much better served by the “Complete Engine Service.”