What Are Diesel Fuel Additives?

For a long time, diesel vehicles have been looked at as harmful and disruptive vehicles. However, automakers have greatly improved diesel engines to be cleaner than ever before. Besides a modern engine, diesel vehicles have become more advantageous due to fuel additives. 


When additives are combined with diesel fuel, they help your engine run more efficiently and perform better. To understand how additives work, you should know that diesel fuel is much heavier than gasoline and has characteristics that include cetane rating, stability, and lubricity. 


The most popular diesel fuel additives are the ones that clean the fuel system.  When you add fuel cleaning additives to the fuel tank, it gets passed through the fuel lines, injectors, carburetors, and combustion chambers. They can clean the mentioned parts, boost efficiency, and improve overall performance. Therefore, additives can extend the life of your diesel engine.


Diesel fuel-cleaning additives can:

  • Get rid of carbon deposits
  • Prevent deposit formation and corrosion
  • Enhance cetane rating
  • Minimize harmful emissions
  • Improve fuel system performance

Not all diesel additives are the same – some have special characteristics to meet your driving needs. Some are specialized to be used in the winter. Think of it as a winter diesel additive. They are great for diesel drivers that live in extreme cold climates and can improve the flow of fuel. There are also other additives that can keep the fuel in your engine in good shape and are ideal for those who don’t use their diesel vehicle regularly.


These are just some examples of the many diesel fuel additives. If you have any questions about fuel additives, please turn to the experts at Integrity Auto Services. We provide fuel system services for diesel engines and have BG fuel additives available at our shop. Feel free to give our professional team a call or visit today.