Common Signs Your Cooling System Is in Trouble

Every time your vehicle starts, a sequence of actions happens, like the progressive heating up of the engine. The rapid temperature rise must be controlled to prevent engine melting or damage. This is why cars are fitted with a cooling system to regulate heat.

Cooling System Trouble

The cooling system prevents overheating by removing excess heat from the engine when driving. It also helps to maintain the temperature to the right optimal operating level. A cooling system usually comprises the thermostat, the fan, and the radiator. However, your car is vulnerable to overheating and severe damage if the cooling system becomes problematic.

Some signs indicate cooling system trouble. Be on the lookout for these signs to avoid irreparable damage to your vehicle's engine.


Smoke from under your hood is the most common sign of overheating. Pull off the road immediately and check or call your mechanic if unsure. The smoke usually appears as white steam.

Temperature gauge rising

Another common sign of cooling system trouble is when you notice the temperature gauge on your dashboard rising to the red zone. But, several other things may cause this, so ensure an expert identifies the actual problem.

Low coolant levels

When you see the coolant is below the recommended level, it signals a faulty cooling system. In most cases, the coolant is leaking. You may also physically notice the leak, usually a sweet-smelling fluid on the ground.

Declining gas mileage

Vehicles reach a certain temperature range to attain optimal fuel efficiency. When your car exceeds this temperature, you may see a drop in gas mileage. This mainly indicates overheating associated with cooling system trouble.

White exhaust smoke

Stop your car and check if you see puffy smoke coming from your exhaust pipe. It is a sign of serious engine trouble. It could suggest that the coolant is burning within the combustion chamber, which should not be the case.

To avoid inconveniences on the road, don't delay. Call or come to Integrity Auto Services today if you notice these signs. Our experts will check the problem and repair your cooling system.