The Underdog of Car Fluids: Power Steering Fluid

Most drivers are aware of their oil change and even brake fluid. However, it is often forgotten or even unknown to most people when it comes to the power steering fluid. The power steering fluid is a hydraulic fluid that powers the steering system. Similar to your other fluids, changing out your power steering fluid is an essential maintenance practice. Though it doesn't burn off with combustion as motor oil does, it can get contaminated, with dirt and sludge, over time. When the power steering fluid gets dirty, it adds pressure and stress to the power steering pump. In severe cases, it can lead to the failure of the entire steering system.


Signs That It's Time to Get Power Steering Fluid Replaced



After running your car for a few minutes, open the hood and remove the dipstick. The color of fresh power steering fluid should be bright red and clean. If you notice that the solution is dark, dirty, or has a charred smell, then your vehicle is at risk of a problem. It is also recommended that you check inside the tank for any foreign debris. If the fluid inside the reservoir looks contaminated, it's time to have the system flushed out and replaced with clean power steering fluid.  



Polluted power steering fluid will affect the function of the power steering pump by making it work harder. Additionally, the extra exertion will eventually emit a loud noise. A noisy powering system pump means that it's time to have the fluid changed.  



If the steering wheel is hard and becomes challenging to turn, the power steering solution may be the cause. A steering wheel that no longer turns smoothly can indicate that the fluid is running thin or contaminated. It's best to take your car into a shop for a vehicle inspection to determine which scenario may be the case. 


Power Steering Inspection in La Pine, OR

Don't wait until your car takes on damage before flushing your power steering fluid. Instead, take action as soon as possible. Power steering fluid affects your vehicle's responsiveness. It, therefore, affects your overall safety. If you require a power steering inspection or replacement of power steering fluid flush, give us a call or come by our shop. Our team of certified technicians at Integrity Auto Services is glad to assist you.