My heater isn’t hot enough

Chilly winter weather may have us turning on the heater a lot more often now. When you turn on the vents, you expect to warm up, not be blasted with cold air. If your heater feels more like a freezer, there may be an issue. A heater problem can fly under your radar during the summer, catching you by surprise during the winter. Similar to a home heater, your vehicle's heater can be struggling with a variety of problems. Below are a few common reasons your heater may not be hot enough.  

Faulty Thermostat
The thermostat is critical because it helps the engine maintain an optimal temperature. If the thermostat isn't working, you may notice it points to "C" throughout the drive, despite the engine already being warm. If the thermostat is stuck open, coolant will not adequately flow through it, leading it to stay cold. As a result, the heating system will also blow cold air. In comparison, If the thermostat is stuck closed, the engine, in turn, will overheat. 

Low Coolant
If your car is newer, low coolant levels can indicate a leak within the cooling system. If a leak is suspected, check underneath your vehicle for leaking coolant. Stay vigilant for any sweet smells coming from the engine. Older cars are not exempt from coolant leaks; if you need to regularly top-off the coolant to keep the reservoir filled, there may be a problem. Not all coolant leaks will leave puddles of coolant under the vehicle. Reach out to a professional technician so they can check all of the heating and cooling system components. 

Heater Core Problem
Over time the heater core can become closed with dust, debris, and particles outside your vehicle. Since the heater core has a very narrow internal passageway, these contaminants can become clogged, preventing the coolant from passing through it. In the end, the heater core will remain cold, blowing an icy breeze.  

Dirty or Broken Heater Controls
The issue may not be related to a significant internal problem. In some cases, the heater can be blowing cold hair due to damaged heating controls. The button and knobs can become gummy and clogged due to dirt. Replacing the controls with new buttons or controls is a quick and straightforward fix. 

A broken heater can make driving through the winter pretty rough. If your heater isn't working, don't wait to seek help. Some heater issues such as a broken control or faulty thermostat are simple, affordable fixes. Other severe problems may need a technician's eye, but the problem will not resolve itself without them. For top automotive repair and service in La Pine, OR, choose Integrity Auto Services. All of our repairs come with a three year/36,000-mile warranty with free roadside assistance and towing. 

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