Driving Tips and Car Maintenance During Cold Months

Driving during wintry weather is difficult for most drivers. You can be at ease when it snows if you have taken preventive measures. The worst that can happen to you is stranded with a dead battery.


Here are some driving tips and maintenance to take care of during the cold months.

1. Check When to Repair or Replace Car Battery

The major cause of vehicle breakdowns is a faulty battery. Battery failure increases when it's wet, cold, and icy. Plan to change your battery after every three years if it's problematic during cold weather. Our shop can test your battery for proper charge to ensure that you’ll be safe on the road from unexpected dead battery breakdowns. 


2. Consider Getting New Tires

Don't wait until you enter into a ditch to understand your tires are worn out. Driving with excessively worn or bald tires can risk your safety. Plan to have all-seasonal tires if you live in an area with occasional snow.


3. Replace Windshield Wipers and Fluid

Invest in a wintertime mixture. Regular windshield wiper fluid may freeze to your windshield in severe temperatures. The winter mixture does not freeze and maintains your windshield clear.

Also, check if your windshield wipers are in good working condition.


4. Make the Headlights Winter Ready

Don't compromise your vision; rather, sharpen your sight. Clean the headlights and replace the faulty ones. Don't wait until you're stranded in the middle of nowhere, with a dim lighting system.

Secure and safe the headlamp covers.


5. Drive More Cautiously

Understand the route you're using and be careful in your driving. Skidding in the ice causes dangerous accidents if you lose car control. It's not easy to turn, accelerate and stop when it's wintry. Be cautious.


6. Checking Routes Ahead of Time

Provincial road reports will update you on road conditions you intend to use. It will save you from winter collisions.


7. Work on Brake Service

Replace your brake pad ahead of winter if you’re due for this service. Having good brakes cannot be taken for granted when it comes to driving in wet or slippery conditions. 


Bring your vehicle to Integrity Auto Services today to prepare for the cooler months!