Common Vehicle HVAC Problems

The heating and cooling systems are combined within your vehicle; however, they function as separate systems. Both require regular maintenance done to avoid any bigger issues down the line. Proper care of these components can make the most significant difference between a relaxing drive and an uncomfortable one. 


The HVAC system has so many components that it's relatively complex for the average individual to know what may be causing it to malfunction. Heating and cooling issues come in an assortment of patterns and severity. If you experience problems with the air conditioning, the same issue may restrict the heater from working. This is why you must get check-ups at the beginning of summers and winters to ensure your air conditioning and heating systems work.


Common Reasons for Heating System Issues

The heating system comprises many components, including the heater core, blower motor, fan, heater hoses, heater control valve, the HVAC (heater, ventilation, air conditioning) control panel, and the cabin air filter. The heating system uses the heat from the engine to warm your cabin up. These are common problems within the heating system:

  • Low coolant
  • Air in the coolant system
  • Defective heater core
  • Failing thermostat

Common Reasons for A/C System Issues

The most important components of the A/C system include the coolant/refrigerant, compressor, condenser, expansion valve, evaporator, lines, and accumulator. Here are some common problems that may mess up your A/C functions.

  • Low coolant
  • Clogged or oozing condenser
  • Cross-contamination of coolant/fluid leak
  • Unresponsive pressure switches
  • Broken compressor
  • Worn or damaged belt
  • Moisture and debris build-up
  • A/C control head malfunctions

It is best to have a certified mechanic inspect your vehicle whenever you encounter HVAC problems. A well-kept heating and cooling system will allow you to drive in a comfortable and dependable vehicle and also serves to prevent major repairs that can become expensive. Look no further than Integrity Auto Services by booking an appointment with us online today!