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Monthly Archives: March 2021

What are Gasoline Direct Injection Engines?

What are Gasoline Direct Injection Engines?

Gasoline direct injection engines have their advantages. They produce more power for your engine and do their part to reduce carbon emissions. They have replaced the fuel injectors that were so commonplace in almost every vehicle for the last several decades. They put the exact amount of gas needed right before the ignition spark, which helps with better gas mileage and fuel efficiency. Unlike classic fuel injectors, gasoline direct engines don't use a port fuel injection where gas is fed above the valves, which makes them vulnerable to carbon buildup inside your engine. This is something that should be looked at when suspected, as it can result in valves being burned off without warning. Thankfully, there is a new service being offered to treat this type of problem. Routine oil changes done on time can clear up this kind of harmful grime and buildup, especially when using synthetic oil. This will help greatly in removing these contaminants from the air filter, which should be cha ... read more