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Monthly Archives: July 2021

6 Tips on How to Prevent Your Vehicle From Overheating

6 Tips on How to Prevent Your Vehicle From Overheating

You might love the summer heat, but who's to say that your car does too. The high temperatures can do some severe damage to your engine if you aren't careful. It can cause your engine to overheat, leading to a car breaking down and compromising your safety. Though you can't necessarily control the sun, you surely can take preventive measures to prevent your vehicle from overheating.   1. Park Your Car in the Shade Parking in the shade not only keeps the temperature in the cabin cooler but also helps to keep your engine from overheating as well. If you are fortunate to have a garage at home, use it! If a shady parking spot isn't available to you, then try sun shades.   2. Use Sun Shades Sunshades are a great alternative if you have trouble finding shady parking spots. This accessory is equipped with UV heat shields that will keep the interior from getting super-hot while protecting its quality from the damaging effects of the sun.    3. Leave ... read more