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Monthly Archives: August 2021

Tips on How To Preserve Your Car Battery

Tips on How To Preserve Your Car Battery

When it comes to your automobile, it all starts with the battery (quite literally). Proper battery maintenance is necessary for two reasons: Your car won't start or run without it.  It is the answer to prolong the integrity of your entire electrical system.  If your car battery isn't working efficiently, your alternator has to do the heavy lifting to make up for it. So if your battery is lacking, your other electrical components can suffer as well.    Batteries are sensitive to drastic changes in temperature. Extreme heat or cold will affect the battery's overall performance, which is why we highly recommend getting regular battery inspections. You can informally check it at home every now and then too. Next time you're beneath your hood, take a good look at your battery. Here are some things to ask yourself: Is the battery clean and free of debris? An unclean battery will drain a lot quicker. Is there corrosion occurring at the terminals where ... read more