5 Signs it’s Time for a Tune-Up

While oil changes are a common maintenance task, most drivers haven’t gotten into the habit of having the rest of their vehicle’s essential parts maintained. Over time, as your car collects miles, a tune-up will be necessary to keep it running optimally. A tune-up is an opportunity for your auto specialist to perform preventative tasks such as replacing all filters, spark plugs, and oxygen sensors. All of the fluids are topped off or changed, and the battery is checked. The tune-up is similar to a check-up at the doctor’s office. All of your vehicle’s major components are thoroughly inspected to ensure their top performance for as long as possible. Below are five key signs that indicate it’s time to schedule a tune. 

Your vehicle is struggling to start.

The moment you turn the ignition, your engine should turn over seamlessly. If your vehicle is struggling to start, it can indicate a wide range of issues, such as an ignition problem or a weak battery. A tune-up will identify the issue and offer a diagnosis.  

There’s a decrease in fuel efficiency. 

If you had your car for a while, you know how far you can travel on one tank of gas. Your vehicle using more gas may be working harder than usual. A decrease in fuel efficiency may have underlying problems that need to be addressed. 

The engine has started misfiring. 

A misfire can always take a driver off guard. They usually occur when an engine cylinder fails to power your vehicle. If one cylinder fails, your car may shake and struggle, but it should still get you to your next destination. If more than one cylinder has failed, a misfire can occur. A defect within the engine and a faulty fuel system can also be contributing problems. 

Your vehicle takes a long time to accelerate. 

If you tap on the gas pedal, your vehicle should accelerate. If you find yourself holding or stomping on the gas pedal to get your car to move, there may be a problem. Your vehicle may have a clogged fuel filter or leak. In some cases, the airflow sensor may be dirty, and it’s time to schedule an inspection.  

New, unusual sounds are coming from the engine. 

When you turn on your car, the engine should have a consistent hum throughout the drive. Any knocking sounds that occur when you press the gas or cause rough idling are significant concerns. Knocking sounds and rough acceleration can indicate that the spark plugs are failing. A tune-up is a perfect opportunity to have that resolved. 

Tune-Up in La Pine, OR 

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