Signs You Need Suspension Repair

Your vehicle's suspension system is responsible for keeping your car ride stable by absorbing the effects of the road bumps. When your shocks and struts wear down, you will definitely feel the aftermath. Below are some of the signs that indicate you need your shocks and struts serviced:

Vehicle Dipping to the Side

If your car makes uneven and dipped turns, your shocks and struts are most likely worn. The front-end of your automobile may also dip lower whenever you brake. Whereas the back-end of the vehicle may "squat".


When your suspension is aging, your car will shudder at high speeds. The problem behind that can be bad shocks and struts. If this vibration is reoccurring, please take your car to get an inspection.


Your car might also bounce excessively when going over bumps on the road. If your vehicle seems uncontrollable, please have your suspension inspected.

Greasy Shocks

When you have a feeling that your suspension has gone bad, you can visually inspect it to double-check. Sometimes, old shocks and struts can leak fluid. If you catch this around the suspension area, please take your car to an auto repair shop immediately.


If you suspect you have a problem with your car's suspension parts, please know that the professionals at Integrity Auto Services are happy to help. Our professional technicians can get down to the bottom of any automotive issue that you might come across. Please call or visit our auto repair shop in La Pine, OR, soon!