State of the Art Mobile Shop

During my years working in independent shops and dealerships I constantly noticed a major obstacle for customers....the process of getting their car or truck to the shop for repair, finding a ride home, renting or borrowing something to drive in the meantime, and then getting a ride back to the shop when the repairs were complete.

The time, money and fuel they wasted in this process meant that both the dollar and emotional cost of maintaining their vehicles was not only much higher than the ticket price on their invoice, it became so difficult and unattractive that they would often defer the maintenance they knew their vehicle needed. This shortened the life expectancy of their vehicle and could trade inexpensive maintenance for more costly repairs down the road.

Using Integrity Auto Services Mobile Shop saves you all this hassle by coming to your home or place of business and servicing your vehicle while you go about your day. Use this link to read about what you can expect from our mobile service and technicians.

Our Mobile Shop in La Pine, OR - Integrity Auto Services