What You Can Expect From Us

When you call Integrity Auto Services to request service from our Mobile Shop, our process is quite different than you might be accustomed to at your local dealership. Don't worry though, they're all good differences, designed to save you time and keep you doing what you do.

To start with we don't employ a receptionist to answer phone because that’s probably not who you want to talk to anyway. When you call you will be speaking directly to a technician. This eliminates communication errors between you and the tech who will be working on your vehicle. Since these are techs, it’s is likely they are currently working on another vehicle or driving to the next job. In which case they will not answer the phone, but return your call shortly.

Another option is to fill out a service request on our website. (Service Request) when a tech becomes available, he will call you to discuss the details.

When your technician calls, he will ask questions about your car and the concern or service you need. If you are a new customer we will need information about your vehicle, your plans for that vehicle, when your vehicle will be available for service, as well as address and payment information. You can expedite this process by completing our short customer information form before that call. Even if you don’t need service now, it wouldn’t hurt to fill out a form so we can get you entered into our data base. This will save you time when you do need service.

Once you’ve answered our technicians questions, you will be placed on a list for service. Since we don’t always know what each job will entail until we get there, often it is impossible to give exact appointment times. However we can give you approximate times and dates that a technician will be available to service your vehicle. As that time gets closer the tech will call or text you and let you know he’s on his way, as well as arrange to get your keys. The good news is since we come to you, none of this disrupt your busy schedule!

Thank you for considering Integrity Auto Services!