How To Prepare Your Car For Storage

Whether you are storing your car for a few weeks or longer, you should know how to do it properly. Don't just park the car and leave it without doing anything because you will most certainly be surprised by something terrible when you come back to it. Here are a few easy steps and tips you can follow to ensure your car will be ready to drive after storage.

1. Service And Repair It

The first thing you have to do is service the vehicle and repair any issues it might have. Some car problems get worse with time, like rust or bad oil, so make sure to service it before storage.

2. Give It A Good Clean

Giving your car a good interior and exterior clean will ensure you won't have any leftover or forgotten items in the car. It will also clean it from any debris and particles on the outside. Even consider waxing or ceramic coating it.

3. Check The Tire Pressure

Checking the tire pressure is vital because, over time, tires deflate on their own and can damage themselves if left untouched for a long time. By pumping them up before you store the car, you will ensure that if there is damage, it will be minimal.

4. Secure The Car

Secure the car with a few wedges under the wheels. Also, plug any vents, or at least close them from the inside, so you won't be surprised by a mouse or an ant colony.

5. Disconnect The Battery

After you have parked the car, make sure to disconnect the battery completely. This will ensure that the battery won't lose charge over time and you can start it right away.

6. Invest In A Car Cover

Car covers are very convenient because they protect the vehicle from dust, particles, and even animals/insects. There are cheap and expensive alternatives, so make sure to look around.

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